Board Chair

Greetings to All Visitors to the KMRS Web Site!

        It is officially 2017 and as we examine the calendar, April 7 and 8, is not far a way.  The KMRS Facebook page has done a great job of keeping us connected and informed concerning the work of MCC. As we are aware, the needs around the world are great.  It is with this in mind that we enter into this preparation for the 2017 Kansas Mennonite Relief Sale.  Our theme for the year is based on Matthew 25:40: “Whatever you have done for the least of these you have also done for me.”  The purpose of our commitment is to serve the Lord Jesus by serving others.  As we gather together as people of faith and commitment, for the purpose of aiding Mennonite Central Committee by providing help and assistance around the world, we are acting on this theme.  Our commitment to the KMRS and the work of MCC involves hope, and a love that reflects the feeling of love and compassion Jesus embodied in His ministry on earth.

       As we prepare for the 2017 Sale, may our prayers reflect our service to others…acknowledging our responsibility to care for others, as Jesus cares for each of us.  The next 4 months are busy ones as we prepare for the sale.  May each of you remember to treat each other as we would like to be treated and to prepare to join together as community to serve God.

     Thanks to each of you for your contributions and donations in the past.  The Sale is a great example of working together for the good of others.  I think we all feel blessed to be a part of this annual event.

    As we prepare for the 2017 Kansas Mennonite Relief Sale, may we keep “hope” centered in our prayers, may we as volunteers remember “why” we participate in this event, and may we remember that each day provides us with the opportunity to extend a hand in fellowship, a smile in friendship, and our hearts in the love of God.

Thank you for the opportunity to serve with you in love and in hope as we prepare for April 7 and 8 of 2017.  We need volunteers to help us with the sale, but we also need people to come and participate as buyers and contributors to this charitable cause. Please mark your calendar and plan to participate in this event.

Jim Robb, Board Chairman