1/64 Semi Truck Collection

The KS Mennonite Relief Sale will offer at Auction the remaining Collection of approximately 70  1/64th Semi-Trucks that was assembled by Arnie and Arlene Klaassen of Wichita, KS.  These Highly Collectible 1/64th Scale Semi-Trucks will be Auctioned at a Special Auction  Sat., Apr. 9 at 11am in The Pride of Kansas Building..  
The majority of these Trucks are in their ORIGINAL BOXES and have never been played with (NIB).  This Collection was put together in the 1960’s and 1970’s.   Can be enjoyed by Children as well as Collectors.

It is a 
MCC Meat Canning Truck opened up and showing its working parts.


Pride of Kansas Building.  ALL 83 items will be sold in the Order Listed.  We will move quickly through these trying to sell one every 45 seconds.  HAVE FUN – this is an Auction that can be enjoyed by Both the Collector and Kids of ALL Ages.  Help support the Wonderful Projects of Helping those in need around the World.

Printable List of all Items

If not specified, consider it an ERTL Co. manufacture.  ALL items will be on Full Display BEFORE the Auction Begins.  MOST items have ORIGINAL BOX.


1. Western Star Truck Racing Champion, Burgundy Metal Flake

2. Anderson Trucking Service Box Trailer

3. Perrier Water, Corgi

4. Batesville Casket Company, Winross

5. Western Star Truck, Burgundy Metal Flake

6. Ryder/PIE Double Trailer

7. PIE, Double Trailer

8. PIE Single Trailer

9. Ryder/PIE, Single Trailer

10. Peterbilt Tanker

11. Love Box Company, Single Trailer w/orig. Box

12. Heart of America Toys, w/orig. Box

13. Midwest Grain Products

14. Christian Salvesen

15. Ford Motorsport

16. Penske Rentals

17. Pennzoil Oil

18. Kenworth Jim Palmer Trucking w/orig. Box

19. Country Reminisce w/orig. Box

20. Big Daddy Dan Garlits Drag Racing, w/orig. Box

21. UPS, Herman Marketing; w/Orig. Box

22. Dillons Grocery, w/Orig. Box

23. Phillips 66, w/Orig. Box

24. True Value Hardware, w/Orig. Box

25. Yellow Freight Double Trailer, Winross, w/Orig. Box

26. 1960 B-61 Mack, Phillipps 66, LARGE, 1/34th Scale, w/Orig. Box, SPECIAL

28. MW Grain Tanker, w/Orig. Box

29. Peterbilt Limited Edition J. J. Keller, w/Orig. Box

30. Rollins Trucking

31. Groendyke Silver Tanker, NICE

32. 1932 Ford Truck

33. Consolidated Freight Ways Double Trailer

34. Ford New Holland w/Orig. Box

35. Quik Trip Tanker, With Battery Powered Lights and Horn, w/Orig. Box

36. Michelin, 1934 Ford Pickup Diecast

37. Ryder Box Truck

38. Steelcase Inc., Kenworth

39. OTRX

40. Dave and Busters

41. John Deere 1950 Chevy Pickup Truck, w/Orig. Box

42. Con-Way Southwest Express 1/53rd Scale, w/Orig. Box

43. Con-way Southwest Express 1/53rd Scale, w/Orig. Box

44. Con-Way Central Express, 1/53rd Scale, w/Orig. Box

45. Con-Way Western Express, 1/53rd Scale, w/Orig. Box

46. All Steel Office Supply, Penjoy, w/Orig. Box

47. 2002 Wisconsin National Championship, w/Orig. Box

48. Dillons Grocery

49. Kenworth International Truck, w/Orig. Box

50. 1945 Kenworth 1/34th Scale Diecast, w/Orig. Box

51. 1940 Ford Pickup, Phillips 66, Diecast, Highly Detailed, w/Orig. Box

52. John Deere Flatbed, w/2 tractors, Westrock, w/Orig. Box

53. Cannon, Winross, w/Orig. Box

54. Batesville Casket Co., Double Trailer, w/Orig. Box

55. 1st Edition, Texaco Tanker, Winross, w/Orig. Box

56. MCC MEAT CANNING TRUCK showing working internals, w/Orig. Box

57. 1996 National Championship, Winross, w/Orig. Box

58. ARCO, Winross, w/Orig. Box

59. Fleming Babcock Inc, Winross, W/Orig. Box

60. Breyers Ice Cream, Winross, w/Orig. Box

61. Formula Shell Tanker, Winross, w/Orig. Box

62. Vulcan, Winross, w/Orig. Box

63. Dr. Pepper, Winross, w/Orig. Box

64. Crete, Winross, w/Orig. Box

65. Tyson Meat, Winross, w/Orig. Box

66. Special Edition One Millionth 1992 Corvette Autographed by Dave McClelan, w/Orig Box

67. 1918 Model T Ford Bank w/key, w/Orig. Box

68. Cooper Tires 1952 Chevy Pickup Diecast Bank w/key, w/Orig Box

69. Ford Hard Runner Aeromax, w/Orig. Box

70. Thunderbird 40th Anniversary Limited Edition, w/Orig Box

71. TNT Reddaway Triple Trailer, w/Orig Box

72. Ford Quality Care Racing, w/Orig Box

73. J. J. Keller Die Cast, Spec Cast Limited Edition, w/Orig Box

74. Label Master, Die Cast Spec Cast Limited Edition, w/Orig Box

75. J. J Keller Die Cast Spec Cast Limited Edition, w/Orig Box

76. Caterpillar Blook Lines of A Champion, Norscot, w/Orig Box

77. Cooper Tire Model T Die Cast Bank, w/key

78. Cooper Tire 1957 Chevy Die Cast Bank, w/key

79. APC Thunderbird,

80. BN America

81. AMPI LARGE All Steel Tanker Milk Semi Truck

82. Hershey Candy Bars, w/damage to the tractor

83. White Tanker Truck