1930 Oliver Hart-Parr Tractor

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This is a 1930  18-27 Oliver Hart-Parr Tractor and was manufactured in the first 6 months of the new Oliver company that was formed in April of 1929.  Its serial number is 100979.  This is the FIRST tractor to have the name Oliver attached to it.
Prior to 1930 the company was simply called Hart-Parr.  In 1929 four agricultural manufacturing companies merged to form the new Oliver Company and they kept the Hart-Parr name for several years before dropping it.
Hart-Parr is considered the first successful Gas Tractor Manufacturer in the World.  In 1907 they came up with the word “Tractor”.  Prior to 1907 these were called “Traction Engines”.  
1930 is the ONLY Year that the single Front Row Crop Wheel was used.  In 1931 they came out with 24 inch Dual Front Wheels.  With the introduction of the 18-27 Oliver Hart-Parr they presented a skeleton wheel design that they described as “power on tip-toe”.  This design had strong merits because the 18-27 delivered 82% of its BHP at the drawbar which was unheard of in that time period.
In the middle of this first year of production the Company decided that turning Brakes would be helpful in turning this tractor: so somewhere during this first year turning brakes were added to this model.  This tractor we are selling does NOT have turning brakes which makes it very early in the production.  
The single Front Wheel and not having Turning Brakes makes this a VERY RARE TRACTOR and one we are privileged to sell.
This tractor needs the following Restoration work done:
The engine is Stuck and needs to be overhauled.  The Exhaust Manifold is cracked and needs to be welded or replaced.  The Starting Gas Tank has its bottom rusted out and needs to be replaced.  
This Tractor is Extremely ORIGINAL and is a GREAT candidate for Restoration.  The Magneto is not original and the original Belt Pulley is missing.  The Original Radiator Guard and Hardware are all complete and in good condition.
Here is an opportunity to buy a VERY RARE EARLY Oliver Hart-Parr Tractor that is Very Complete and looking for a GOOD Home.

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