1931 Ford Victoria

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This is a 1931 Ford Victoria; know as the highly desirable Ford “Vicky”.  Over 4.5 Million Model A Fords were built and LESS than 1% of them were Victoria’s.  Ford built the running gear and Murray Mfg. Co. built the classy body and interior.  There was a total of approx. 37,000 Victoria’s Manufactured in 1931.

The Victoria offered extra wide doors for ease of entry and has both folding front seats for easy access to the roomy rear seat.  The area behind the back seat was luggage space and formed the pleasing “bustle” to give it the stylish look of the Deluxe Phaeton.  The Victoria cost $580, which was $100 more than the Standard Model A.  

Some of the special features of the Victoria in addition to longer doors were:
Dual Side Mount Tires in the Front Fenders
Dual Cowl Lights
Sun Visors
Slanted Front Windshield with No Exterior Visor
Curved Arm Rests for Rear Seat Comfort
Radiator Stone Guard
Apple Green Wire Wheels
Dropped Floor for more Room in Rear Seat Area
Classic Leather Back and Top
Dual Tail Lights
The Victoria Body was mounted on the traditional Model A Running Gear with Ford’s 40HP Four Cylinder Flathead 201 Cubic Inch Motor
This 1931 Ford Victoria has been donated by Loyal and Bertha Klassen of Mountain Lake, Minnesota.  The following Extensive Mechanical Restoration Work was performed on  this car in 2002 and is what we call an “Older Restoration”.
Engine was Bored .080 Oversize with New Pistons, Piston Pins, and Piston Rings
Crankshaft was Ground and New Babbit Bearings were Poured for both the Mains and Rods
Rods and Pistons were Balanced
New Valve Seats were installed and Ground to fit New Valves
Block was Re-surfaced
Head was Re-surfaced
Counter Weights were installed to the Crankshaft
New Cam Bearings were installed and Line Bored
Radiator was Flushed and Cleaned
New 6 Volt Alternator has been adapted to the Engine for Superior Battery Charging
New Points and Condenser
Carburetor Cleaned and Rebuilt
Here is your opportunity to bid on a RARE 1931 Ford Victoria that is an Older Restoration and in GREAT Mechanical Condition and a really FUN Driver.

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