1947 John Deere Model GM

VERY NICE 1947 John Deere Model GM, Serial number 19406.  The Model GM is basically a Model G tractor that was produced during the war years 1942-1947.  This is a tractor that has been well maintained and has plowed as recently as this past summer and has competed very strongly in some tractor pulling events this past summer.   It was donated by Jerry Wilson, Wichita, KS who has donated tractors to the KS MCC Sale in the past.  
Back Tires are NEW 16.9 x 36 on 9 hole pressed wheels.  Block has been bored .125, with high dome aluminum pistons.  Engine has about 100 hours on it since this overhaul was completed.
Brakes are good, clutch is tight with no slippage.  Oil pressure is strong and stays up when engine is warm.  Tractor has been converted to 12 volts with a single wire 12 volt alternator.  Radiator has been cleaned and stays full with Minus 20 degree Antifreeze.
Sheet Metal is straight.  THIS IS A GOOD USABLE TRACTOR THAT IS READY TO GO TO THE FIELD OR CAN BE USED FOR COMPETITIVE TRACTOR PULLING OR AS A COLLECTOR TRACTOR.  Excellent Mechanical Condition.Tractor will be detailed with Complete Cleanup and whatever touch up work necessary to make it look good.