1971 Honda Trail 70 — CT 70

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This VERY CLEAN One Owner 1971 Honda Trail 70 was donated by Robin Stucky, First Mennonite Church, McPherson, KS. Robin’s parents bought it brand new for her in 1971. Robin has very fond memories of riding it all over their farm. This little jewel has had wonderful care over the past 50 years and ALWAYS kept indoors. The Original Paint still has a good shine to it; and the Chrome is NOT rusty. ALL original parts are there and in excellent condition; including tool kit and battery cover and all original shields.

In 1969 Honda came out with this CT 70 marketing tool that introduced many regular everyday folks into the Motorcycle World. Prior to the CT 70, Motorcycles were thought of as something that rough and more daring folks rode. Honda changed all that with this $395, 72 Cubic Inch, 6 HP, 150 lb., Single Cylinder, Overhead Cam, 4 stroke, 3 Speed with Automatic Clutch Trail Hopper. They were Surprisingly powerful and came with Honda Dependability. They were an overnight success and Many families across America were now riding CT-70’s.

Honda entered pop culture with many colorful colors. This particular CT 70 retains its ORIGINAL Candy Ruby Red with LOTS of Chrome, and Uncommon Quality for a Small Bike.

Today the CT 70’s are riding a Nostalgia Wave that is amazing. Folks that are now in their 50’s and 60’s remember riding these when they were kids in the 70’s and are buying them to rekindle their wonderful teen memories of the 70’s.

The Most popular are the early ones called the KO Series (1969-1971) with their Fold Down Handle Bars. They advertised that you could fold down the handle bars and put up the foot pegs and haul them in the car with the family when going on vacation. These were the more spacious cars of the 1970’s of course.

The KO Series (1969-1971) are the Most sought after and over all the best return on your investment, gaining 7-12% in value for the last 4 years. Some highly restored CT 70’s have brought over $10,000 at Hemings Auctions. Nice originals have sold for less.

Serial number is 255784 and Date of Manufacture is March of 1971 making it an Early 1971 CT 70.

Here is a chance to bid on a nice ORIGINAL Honda Trail 70 as clean as you can find anywhere. It comes with all the dependability that Honda is known for and LOTS of FUN for both mom and dad as well as the kids.

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