1972 Mossman Guitar


This sale item is a vintage 1972 Mossman guitar, ID 72-242, in excellent condition.

Product description:

This handmade guitar has a sitka spruce top and Indian rosewood back and sides with ebony fingerboard and bridge. The interior label says “S. L. Mossman, Winfield, Kansas, No. 72-242” and contains the initials of all the individuals who worked on the instrument. Comes with its original hard shell case.

Mossman Guitar History:

Mossman guitars were made in Winfield, Kansas from 1968 – 1984. Stuart Mossman, the founder of the company, was one of the three original organizers of the Walnut Valley Festival in Winfield, Kansas in 1972. For a number of years, a Mossman guitar was given to the flat-picking contest winner. At the height of guitar production, the shop employed around 40 people and produced up to 40 guitars a week.

Professional evaluation in February 2024:

Two guitar specialists in Wichita, Kansas, evaluated this guitar. The first person had worked in the Mossman shop and described the instrument as “in excellent condition and ready to play.” The second person was a guitar technician who identified a small crack on the back that “had been excellently repaired.” (see photo) Both supported the previous owner’s understanding that this was an early Flint Hills model; both also indicated the price for this guitar could range from $2000 – $4000+.

Previous owner comments:

“I bought this guitar after I attended the [Walnut Valley] festival in 2016 from someone in Louisiana. Its original neck was broken and crudely repaired. I had the neck replaced by Steve Mason in Lawrence, KS, who is a former employee of the Mossman company. You will find Steve Mason’s initials on the interior label. It was the first Mossman guitar that I owned.”