1997 Ford Ranger Pickup

This item will be sold on Saturday, April 15, 2023 in Sunflower North on the KS State Fairgrounds at the General Auction for the KS Mennonite Relief Sale. Vehicles, Tractors & other Featured Items will be sold, starting at approximately 2 pm.

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This well maintained 1997 Ford Ranger Pickup has been well maintained. It was donated by Gordon and Annie Schrag, Pine Village Retirement Village. Gordon and Annie are no longer driving and have donated this nice little pickup.. It has 124,000 Miles which is really low mileage for a vehicle of that age. It has a V6 engine and an automatic transmission with power brakes and power steering. It starts easy and drives out nice. Tires are very good.. These little pickups are really handy for anyone to haul most anything.

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