2020 Kansas MCC Relief Sale Apparel Store

Atomic logo - 2020 Kansas MCC Relief Sale Apparel Store

The 2020 Kansas MCC Relief Sale may have been cancelled, but you can still own a piece of the commemorative 100th anniversary of the Mennonite Central Committee. A virtual store using Atomic Sports has been established to provide commemorative apparel. Items are available to purchase online at wearatomic.com/product-category/mcc/. Traditional t-shirts are certainly available as are new items such as hats, towels, sweatshirts and more. These items are a great way to get a tangible piece of the MCC Centennial sale. As always, the proceeds from the sale of these products will go to support MCC. By using this link, you will be directed to an on-line store…so you can get what you want.  Atomic Sports will be handling the payments, so you will be sending the money to them…they will send the profits to Kansas Mennonite Relief Sale. Any item purchased before the end of October will go towards our support total for 2020.

Shipping options include Group Delivery (no charge) for items to be picked up at Atomic Sports in Hesston, or by special arrangement with Jim Robb) or Flat Rate shipping ($7.50 per order) for items delivered to your address. If your town, church, or extended family would wish to make a group order, please call Atomic at 877-731-5314 prior to placing your order to make special shipping arrangements.

This is another opportunity for you to make a purchase that will contribute to the good work of MCC.  If you have any questions, please call Jim Robb at 620-747-0186. If I don’t know the answer I will work to find out the answer.

Thank you for supporting MCC!

“In the name of Christ”