2021 Sale Date Moved to July 2 – 3

January 5, 2021 


The KMRS Board met recently (Dec 29th) to discuss plans for the 2021 Sale. We began the  meeting noting that, similar to last year, we are once again facing many uncertainties that impact  our planning. With that acknowledgement, there was a shared sentiment that despite the creativity  and energy that allowed us to ultimately raise a significant amount of money in 2020 without  holding a formal Sale, that this may be difficult to match a second time. There was also concern  that not having a Sale two years in a row might have negative long term ramifications. The Board  emerged committed to having a Sale in 2021 if at all possible. Through our discussions a  consensus emerged that moving the traditional date of the sale for 2021 would give us the best  chance of achieving this goal.  

We have been in active communication with the Reno County Health Department, the State Fair  Administration, and MCC’s Global Health Coordinator Paul Fast. While no one has a crystal ball  all three groups agreed there are significant risks with the April date. The Reno County Health  Department noted that at this time they would have a difficult time even approving our request to  hold the Sale in April. While there are no guarantees, all three entities were in agreement that  pushing back the Sale date would increase our odds of being able to hold our event.  

In reviewing the possibilities with the State Fair Administration July 2nd and 3rd emerged as the  most feasible option. Acknowledging the fact that this date has clear pros/cons the Board made  the decision to formally move the 2021 Sale to July 2nd and 3rd.  

We felt it was important for us to make this decision now. The Sale is a huge undertaking and  requires coordinated planning on the part of hundreds/thousands of volunteers. By setting a new  date now, not only do we increase our odds of actually having a Sale, but we also give ourselves  the opportunity to adjust our timelines and planning. We also felt it was important to get this  information out prior to the January 14th KMRS meeting to allow that meeting to be as productive  as possible.  

While we are committed to holding an event we are fully aware that the 2021 Sale may look a little  different than normal. Some of our traditional volunteers may not be available for the July date,  although perhaps this date may open up new opportunities for others to participate. Some  events/areas may need to be modified and we may need to explore how to take advantage of  outdoor spaces to supplement. We don’t have all of these answers, but feel confident that as a  combined group we will arrive at a good place. As we prepare for the meeting on January 14th please bring your questions, suggestions, creativity and a spirit of openness!  

As always, I thank you for your work, your commitment, your generosity and your faith. I ask  you for your continued prayers for the sale, the Board, the committees, and the people who make  up our sale family. 


Jim Robb 

Chair, KMRS Board