Remington Students Learning Experience

One of the things that made the 2018 sale unique was the volunteering of the Remington Middle School 8th Graders.  Teacher, Bonnie Brewer, with other middle school teachers, worked with Kate Mast, the Workroom Supervisor for Central State MCC Resource Center, to put together 58 hygiene kits and 52 school kits. What made the experience special was the commitment of the teachers and student.  They brought with them, through donations, all the materials needed to put together the hygiene and school kits. This commitment and the results of the donations exceeded all expectations. It was an opportunity for Kate to talk with the students about the work of MCC. Kate shared with them about meat canning, the various kits that are sent, the comforters and where those things go.  She highlighted the work of MCC in Jordan and Syria. The students were engaged and asked great questions. The students were divided into two groups, to pack the kits and place them in boxes. The bags and boxes were brought to the KMRS by MCC.

It was a great experience for the teachers, students, and for the Board Members who were tour guides, giving the students and teachers an opportunity to learn more about the KMRS.  It was a special time interacting with the students. God was present.

This opportunity provided a model that we would like to see repeated.  If you are connected with a middle school or high school youth group, a Sunday School class, or a public or private school and would like to have an experience teaching young people about empathy and awareness, please give me a call at the number on the web site.

Thank you Remington Middle School and thank you Kate Mast.

Jim Robb, Chair, Kansas Mennonite Relief Sale Board