Watercraft – Aluminum Fishing Boat

This item will be sold on Saturday, April 15, 2023 in Sunflower North on the KS State Fairgrounds at the General Auction for the KS Mennonite Relief Sale. Vehicles, Tractors & other Featured Items will be sold, starting at approximately 2 pm.

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Bidding will be available onsite and online at Equipmentfacts.com for this item.

Have you ever dreamed of “Sailing the Ocean Blue”?  Here is your chance with the Cute 14 Foot V Bottom Solid Aluminum Fishing Boat, COMPLETE with a 47 lb.  Thrust Trolling Motor which is more than adequate for a boat of this size. Complete WITH Nice Two Wheel Trailer, Winch and Trailer is wired and Turn Signals and Brake Lights Work.  Included with the Boat are Two Oars and Lights for Night Time Fishing and Enjoyment.

For more information or questions about this item, please call Jerry at 620-367-8257