Cash or Credit Cards…?

Expanded Options for 2024: Credit Card for MCC Bucks in More Places!

We will have Credit Card Readers with MCC Bucks available in the Domestic Arts Building, in Cottonwood Court, and in the Sunflower Buildings, as well as
the Information booth in the Meadowlark Building.

If you find yourself wanting an item at a booth that doesn’t take cards and you’re out of cash, this could save you from a trip to one of the ATM’s close to the state fairgrounds… and there are no special fees when you do this.

The exact locations in the Domestic Arts, Cottonwood Court and the Sunflower building
have not been determined as yet, but they will be there. We will update this information
once that information has been decided.

The Information Booth will once again be located at the East End of the Meadowlark Building.