Centennial Pitcher to be auctioned July 3

A year ago, before we were sidelined by Covid 19, we planned on using the KMRS to help celebrate 100 years of good work, humanitarian caring, and aiding those in need.  The pitcher you see in the photo, was given to us as a symbol of MCC and for us to use in celebrating the Centennial of MCC and also as a way to inspire giving and generosity.  It became for us a symbol of the hope and the mission of MCC.  It reminds me of Matthew 25… “I was thirsty and you gave me drink”.  But it also reminds me of the 100 Stories that MCC collected from individuals who shared from their memories and experiences.  All of those stories represent hope in one way or another. 

This pitcher is a dramatic work or art.  Forty of them were made from the same general pattern but no two were alike.  The colors blended differently, the work of the hands on the potter’s wheel provided some uniqueness, and the result was a thing of beauty and purpose.

I cannot think of MCC, without believing that this organization, grown out of the needs of Mennonites and others in the Ukraine over 100 years ago, is in itself a thing of beauty and purpose…doing for others “in the name of Christ”.

This pitcher will be auctioned on Saturday, July 3 on the Quilt Auction stage, at 1:00 PM.  May blessings and hope continue to grow from this symbol of God’s work.

-Jim Robb, KMRS Chair