Centennial Tractor

This tractor will be auctioned off at the General Auction on Saturday, April 18, 2020 at approximately 1:25 pm before the MCC Check Presentation. 

Celebrating 100 years of God’s work through the Mennonite Church!

This tractor was bought 25 years ago for just under $1000 @ the MCC Sale auction in celebration of 75 years. The donor is excited, after 25 years of enjoyment, to re-donate with a homemade case. Please note the MCC logo in the bottom right corner of the case.

From the donor, Tim Buhler:

Raised @ Bethel Church (Inman, KS) … most memorable events were MCC sale &
MDS service trips with my grandparents (John & Amanda Neufeld).   Thus, years later
when I went to the IL. MCC sale and saw the 75 year celebration tractor, I just had to
get that as a reminder of my heritage of seeing Faith in Action (Feet & Faith producing
Food in an undeveloped country).  I proudly displayed at my desk at work for 25 years
which I often was able to often share the story of this tractor.  The guys around me gave
me flack for having a $1000 tractor just sitting out on my desk, so I made a display case
for it to give more sense of a permanent residency on my desk.  I was able to etch in the
MCC emblem into the side of the glass case.
Upon the 100th  year celebration of MCC, I could not resist the desire to share this back
out to the community and celebrate the amazing work God has done through MCC over
the last century and hope it brings others as much joy as it has myself over the past
couple of decades!