This is a COMPLETELY RESTORED 1949 8N Ford Tractor.  Words do NOT describe the extent to which this tractor has been taken back to probably better than when it was sold new in 1949. 
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Here is a listing of the work done to this tractor:
Tractor was COMPLETELY disassembled.
All parts cleaned and inspected for wear.
Engine was completely overhauled with NEW pistons, NEW sleeves, NEW bearings, NEW valves, overhauled oil pump and reground crankshaft
NEW Bearings and Seals in the PTO
NEW bearings and seals on the transmission input shaft
NEW seals on both Rear Axles
Refurbished Brakes
Trans-axle has been flushed and replaced with NEW Ford 8N Fluid
Radiator repaired and tested
Rear Rims are NEW
NEW Tires
Front Axle is completely Rebuilt with NEW Bushings
Steering Gear Box is rebuilt with NEW Parts
NEW Paint on Chassis
Lowell Heinrichs Body Work and Paint on the Sheet Metal Parts.  NO ONE ANYWHERE CAN COME CLOSE TO THE SHEET METAL WORK THAT LOWELL DOES.
THIS IS A PROFESSIONAL RESTORATION JOB!!!    Do NOT confuse a Professional Restoration with a tractor that has been re-painted.  Very Few Tractors have been RESTORED to this level!!!  This is an opportunity to own the BEST!!