Dr. Krause Grandmother Clock

Dr. Roland Krause was a important medical doctor in many Mennonite Communities and was a Former Board Member and Strong Supporter of the Mennonite Relief Sales.  For years, he parked his Camper with Speakers on the KS State Fairgrounds and announced happenings and helped direct attendees to events as they unfolded at the MCC Sale.

His Family is now donating this Grandmother Clock that Dr. Krause built many years ago and has been in their family.  It was an Emperor Clock Kit and the original paperwork shows that Dr. bought the kit in 1980.  This Grandmother Clock has Westminster Chimes and strikes on the quarter hour and on the hour. It is a GOOD Quality Movement and has been recently oiled and is in GOOD RUNNING CONDITION.

The above item(s) will be auctioned off as part of this year’s Kansas Mennonite Relief Sale. For more information, visit the Auction Item Listings page.