Feb. 10 Letter from Chair

“…in the name of Christ”

A powerful reason for the work that is done by the Mennonite Central Committee as it is supported by the relief sales around the United States and Canada, including the Kansas Mennonite Relief Sale.

On April 17 and 18 of 2020, we will have our 52nd Annual Sale, again using the Kansas State Fair Grounds as our location.  It promises to be a great time in which we raise money for the benefit of MCC, as they reach out to people around the world providing food, shelter, health care, education, fresh water and hope… “in the name of Christ”.

Currently, there are many things going on.  Comforter blitzes are surpassing goals and expectations.  “My Coins Count” programs are being started and emphasized in many churches…no gift is too small. The KMRS fund raising slogan “a 1000 @ $1000” is starting to pick up some steam and interest has been shown by other relief sales.  Donations are coming in from a variety of people including some who are donating because…”your sale does good things with the income”.

Quilts are being finalized and the March deadline for the booklet preparation is approaching. The quilts are definitely works produced by love and they are works of art. The Centennial Quilt sponsored by MCC will be on display at the Kansas Mennonite Relief Sale, with opportunity to make “blessing bids” on this symbol of hope.

Men and women are busy using their skills to provide verenike, zwiebach, wooden trains, restored tractors and cars, restored antiques, plants, symbols of the MCC Sale and so many things that I cannot begin to mention them all.  But they all have the same thing in common…they are done…”in the name of Christ”.

If you do not have April 17 and 18 marked on your calendar, please do so.  We need volunteers to help produce the hope that is our ultimate goal.  Check our website and our Facebook page to see how you might be able to contribute through donations of time, money or your gifts.

Many people around the world and the United States will be helped by the benefits gained from this sale, and the other relief sales taking place in 2020. 

And finally, remember in your prayers the work of MCC, and contribute your prayers to the Kansas Mennonite Relief Sale that we might be an instrument of Christ to produce what is needed to help those around the world who need the help that allows them to help themselves.

 Relief, Development, and Peace …” in the name of Christ”…May it be so.

With Blessings and Gratitude

Jim Robb

Chair, KMRS, Board of Directors