Fellowship Meals… 2021 Style!

Light: Unexpected things in life do happen often when we least expect them too. God is good. Love Him. Love each other. No matter where the road leads. He will be with us lighting our paths. Therefore: “Let your light shine…” Matthew 5:16

As with many things related to the Kansas Mennonite Relief Sale, the usual order of business for Fellowship Meals this year will not be possible due to the Covid pandemic. To make sure people have the opportunity to give to MCC while fellowshipping with others and celebrating the work of MCC, we are offering Fellowship Meals in a new way. Fellowship has been limited the past year and we are all ready to get together again. With more people receiving the Covid vaccine, the CDC is saying it is safe to gather in groups. Here are some options for getting together and fellowshipping to raise money for MCC:

  1. Invite family or friends over for a meal
  2. Plan a block barbecue
  3. Sunday School class get together
  4. Coffee groups, women/men groups gather for meal
  5. Prepare meal for your congregation as we start to meet in person again
  6. Prepare a meal for curbside pickup or delivery
  7. Brainstorm your own way to raise money for MCC through a Fellowship Meal!

Depending on your invited guests, you may suggest a donation amount of Adults $20; Children $6. Or, any donation amount is fine as no gift is too small for the need is great!

The date of meal is flexible and can be held any time between today and July 1, 2021. After your event, please send the completed form (download and print out or request one from your church liaison) along with donations collected to the address on the form.

If you have questions, contact Barb BJ Reeves at 620-543-6863 or bj.reeves@live.com

Fellowship Meals Brochure 2021