Quilt Auction

2015 Quilting

Quilts A-Z will be sold at 30 minute increments during the course of the day.  The schedule will be as follows:

11:00 am – A, B, C    
11:30 am – D, E, F
12:00 pm – G, H, I, J
12:30 pm – K, L, M, N
1:00 pm   – O, P, Q, R
1:30 pm  – S, T, U, V
2:00 pm  –  W, X, Y Z

The new Bernina sewing machine will be sold at 12:00 noon following the sale of quilts G, H & I

The Quilt Auction — a sale favorite — features over 300 beautiful hand made quilts, wall quilts, afghans, comforters and other quilt-related items. The quilt auction tradition is one very special way that Mennonite women and men of Kansas use their abilities to provide resources for those in need throughout our world.

Viewing of displayed quilts begins at 4pm Friday — when reserved seats for the auction also go on sale. Individuals are limited to eight reserved seat tickets. The quilt auction begins Saturday at 8:45am, continuing into mid-afternoon in the Meadowlark Building.

The Quilt Auction accepts major credit cards. 

The Quilt Gallery  is usually updated  a few weeks before the Sale.