Quilt Auction & Gallery

The Quilt Auction features over 200 beautiful hand made quilts, wall quilts, comforters and other quilt-related items. The quilt auction tradition is one very special way that Mennonite women and men of Kansas use their abilities to provide resources for those in need throughout our world.

Viewing of displayed quilts begins at 4pm Friday — when reserved seats for the auction also go on sale. Individuals are limited to eight reserved seat tickets.

The quilt auction begins Saturday at 8:45am, continuing into mid-afternoon in the Meadowlark Building. 

The Quilt Auction accepts major credit cards. 

Quilts A to Z Schedule

Quilts A to Z will be sold at 30 minute increments during the course of the day.  Schedule will be as follows:

The years of 2020-2021 were challenging for all of us and entirely out of the ordinary for the MCC quilt committee.  In March of 2020, in preparation for the sale in April, we measured, numbered and photographed the quilts at the MCC center in North Newton.  However, due to Covid, within a couple of weeks the 2020 sale was canceled.  At that time the quilts were tucked away in boxes and stored for the next year.  Little did we know that 24 of them plus a doll would be so safely tucked away that they could not be found when it was time to transport them to Hutchinson in 2021.  

Then in June of 2023, after last year’s sale, the missing quilts were found.  The quilts were carefully inspected and it was determined that they were in perfect condition. Like the lamb in Jesus’ parable of the lost sheep, the lost have been found!   To celebrate, we are selling those 25 as the first items on the sale on April 13, 2024.  

We are truly grateful for the understanding all of you have expressed about this situation.

 The Quilt Committee also wishes to express our thanks to Chuck Buller, Hesston, who helped with photography and Hesston Prestige Printing who provided the printed books, and many thanks to Leo Pankratz, Wichita who provided technical support.

Quilts A to Z

Quilt Items 1-100