Frequently Asked Questions

ANSWER: No, but there are 2 ATMs located  fairly close to the Fairgrounds.  One is at the Kwik Shop located at the corner of 17th and Plum and the other is at the First National Bank on North Main, located across the street to the west, and a few blocks north, from the Main Street entrance to the Fairgrounds.

Don’t Forget! Use Your Credit Card to Get “Cash” (AKA MCC Bucks)

The State Fair brings ATM’s in for the week of the fair, but they are not there any other time.  The KMRS has looked into what it would take to get an ATM for the two days of the sale but has been unsuccessful, largely because it is only a two-day event. 

Thanks for your interest in donating items to the Kansas Mennonite Relief Sale.  Items bring the most money if they are advertised in advance.  Please send pictures and descriptions to  A member of our auction team will contact you to get more information if needed.  Donated items can be brought to the sale on Friday between 8:30 AM and 6:30 PM or prior to 8:45 on Saturday, the day of the auction.  If you are unable to deliver items during these time frames, in many cases your church liaison can assist with delivery.  If none of these options work, please call 620-747-0186 and we will try to get it picked up…We can collect things prior to the sale as well.  If you still need information, please email

Short Answer: We hope so! 

Long Answer: It is difficult to give you a definite answer: The slide is on the fairgrounds but is not owned by the State Fair. It is owned by an individual who rents the location for the big slide from the state fair.  Our contract with the fair does not include the right to use the slide.  We must be in contact with the owner, we need to make sure we have people to help with the supervision and administration of the event, and the weather must be good enough before the sale to make sure the slide is clean and ready to use, and the weather on the days of the sale also must be okay and safe.  Wind and rain do not allow for a safe experience.  In 2022 we had everything, but the weather was so windy before the sale that the slide could not be prepared safely.  We must defer to the owner’s decision.