Howard Miller 84 Inch Full Grandfather Clock

Howard Miller 84 Inch FULL Grandfather Clock Donated by the deceased Author James D. Yoder, Bethel College Mennonite Church.  This is a VERY HIGH QUALITY Grandfather Clock built in 2007.  It has a brass plate which shows the ownership of the Famous Author and the date of purchase. 

Description of movement and case is as follows.  Finished in a Rich Golden Walnut Case.  The Case has Glass Sides so the 9 Bar Brass Lyre Pendulum with 9 inch Brass Bob is visible from all 3 sides.  The back of the case is a mirror so the Brass Pendulum and Brass Weights are visible on all sides with outstanding reflective  character. 

This is the Most Desirable Clock Movement equipped with Westminster Chimes which strike on the Quarter Hour as well as the Hour.  The face is garnished with both Brass and Nickel as well as a Moon Dial which depicts the Phases of the Moon.  This clock is also equipped with lighting inside the case to show the Brass Movement and working mechanism of the Clock Works. 

This is an opportunity to bid on one of the Finest Grandfather Time Pieces built by the reputable Howard Miller Clock Makers. It can be a centerpiece of your home and has the provenance of a World Famous Author.