Brand New Hustler MDV LeveLift


The “utility” from other utility vehicles comes only after you have the vehicle loaded. But with MDV’s optional LeveLift technology, you get “utility” the moment you arrive at the job site. With a 750 lb lift capacity, LeveLift does the heavy lifting. Many loading and hauling jobs that used to require a crew of two or more can now be performed by just one person.

Hustler Turf  MDV LEVELIFT 

  • Floating Rear Axle maintains a constant ground clearance even at maximum load.
  • Spacious Cab  is easy to get in and out of with heavy clothes, coats, etc.
  • Fast Top Speed of 37 mph.
  • Easy-to-reach Serviceability Points equals better accessibility to maintenance areas 
  • Fuel Capacity is 14 gallons (nearly twice the capacity of the leading UTV).
  • 2WD/AWD traction offers flexibility in driving conditions.


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