Incredible Key Chain Collection

This Incredible Key Chain Collection  spans 60 years and advertises almost any product you can imagine.  This collection was started in the 1960’s by Walter and Edith Thiessen of Collinsville, OK.  They started collecting key chains during some of their travels and other contacts.  These were inherited by their daughter and son-in-law Arlene and Arnie Klaassen, Wichita.  Arlene and Arnie continued adding to this extensive collection thru the years.  

A few of the advertising areas are: Farm Machinery such as John Deere, Coleman, Food and Eating Establishments such as Taco Bell, Repair Shops, Baseball Teams, Football Teams,  Oil and Gas, Disney, Simpsons, Trucks, Sonic, Harley Davidson, States, DeLaval, Caterpillar and Shockers just to name a few.  The more you look the more you discover. 

Arlene and Arnie are donating this incredible collection of approximately 500 Key Chains to the KS MCC Sale.    There are 4 boards of key chains.  They will be sold individually from each board until interest lags at which time the remaining key chains on the board will be sold as one lot.

This is an opportunity to have some FUN and get your favorite key chain.