Introducing the new KMRS logo!

The Kansas Mennonite Relief Sale needs to create our own identity under the MCC
umbrella. An invitation was sent out to Colleges, Facebook and churches to create a logo that can be used on t-shirts, hats, publications and anything else connected with the Sale. The selected design was submitted by Michael Klaassen. Michael’s description of his design is below:
“This logo combines the historical and cultural imagery of two cultural Mennonite staples; Turkey Red Wheat and Quilting. Turkey Red Wheat was brought over from Ukraine as a crop that would be the mainstay for Mennonites and their farming practices. The artistry of quilts has served and decorated Mennonite homes. More importantly both wheat and the quilts have been used to raise support for ministry and service of Mennonite Central Committee and the relief work around the work. Because I believe in the work that KMRS does to further the love of Jesus both in Kansas and around the world, I would like to return the prize money to the Kansas Mennonite Relief Sale. This would still mean that KMRS retains full ownership of the logomark.”
~ Michael Klaassen