Kansas Mennonite Relief Sale donates $545,000 to Mennonite Central Committee

mcc check - Kansas Mennonite Relief Sale donates $545,000 to Mennonite Central CommitteeThe Kansas Mennonite Relief Sale donated a check for $545,000 to Mennonite Central Committee at annual meetings Thursday, May 23 at First Mennonite Church, McPherson.
The donation total is a combination of the proceeds from the 51st Kansas Mennonite Relief Sale $519,211.43 plus contributions for supporting churches, Kansas MCC Ride for Relief and other donations to KMRS.

Maynard Knepp, MCC Central States Donor Relations, accepted the check and spoke on behalf of the work of MCC—made possible by donations. Knepp shared several emails from MCC workers around the world. Jerrad Peters, MCC Africa, spoke of the relief efforts following Cyclone Idai in Malawi and Mozambique. MCC is working with partners in both countries in enabling 2,400 families to be feed who were left with nothing. Elizabeth Miller, MCC representative for Colombia and Ecuador, shared how MCC is partnering with Colombian Mennonite Brethren Churches as they work to care for some 3 million refugees from Venezuela. Venezuelans are fleeing in hopes of finding work, food, medicine and income. Paul Shelter Fast, MCC Afghanistan, shared the mental health programs made available for Afghan women—75% suffer from mental health programs. Women are provided with counseling and job training. It has brought laughter and happiness back to these women. Knepp shared these stories at the meeting to thank the group and to remind us that we help bring happiness through the funds raised by the Kansas Mennonite Relief Sale and he hoped it brought us happiness too.

Following Knepp’s comments, Jim Robb, Kansas Mennonite Relief Sale Chair, responded by saying, “We do something kind of miraculous. We work throughout the year and gather the week of the sale at the Kansas State Fairgrounds. In two days we are able to raise a half million dollars. What we are doing is tremendously worthwhile. “