Letter from KMRS Chair, Jim Robb

Feb. 11, 2019

On April 12 and 13, the 51st annual Kansas Mennonite Relief Sale is scheduled. People across the state are in preparation for the sale; quilts are being finished, crafts are in process, tractors and cars are being made ready for the sale and the thousand or more volunteers are getting ready to create community to support the work of the Mennonite Central Committee.
Each year provides us with another opportunity to serve God and support MCC. We; the board, the officers, the committee chairs and their committees, and the volunteer workers offer their very best as we serve God. Our theme for this 51st sale is Giving from our Abundance based on the text “abide in me as I abide in you” from John 15. This well-known chapter in the gospel of John tells us that we are to bear fruit, good fruit for the work of God. But that the only way we can is to remain connected to God through His son Jesus. Let it be known that we are doing God’s work because of our faith and our commitment.
There are so many needs around the world. There are many needs here at home. Our task is to serve Him, to be His arms and legs, to do His work here, so that others may benefit. It is the empathy that we have for people around the world that makes the Kansas Mennonite Relief Sale work. We, the volunteers, the people who come to the sale to purchase, the people who commit time all through the year but specifically for a week in April do so to enable others around the world to have food, water, medicine, education, and hope.
Please mark your calendars, circling the dates of April 12 and 13 of 2019. Check out our website and our Facebook page, and think about the way in which you can contribute to the health of the vine.
We have lots of things for you to bid on and buy. Over 200 beautiful quilts, tractors and cars, crafts, a grandfather clock with a unique and special history, a model barn made from toothpicks, and so many more things. There will be food to eat and to take home, an opportunity to see friends and family and to fellowship with them.
The Kansas Mennonite Relief Sale is so much more than a sale. It is a worship experience in which we celebrate the gifts and abilities to make beautiful and useful things. It is a worship experience in which we celebrate the generosity of so many for the purpose of helping so many more. It is a worship experience in which we can truly show that we are giving from our abundance. It is a worship experience when we believe that even the gifts of pennies and dimes can help others. It is a worship experience to see people interacting in a spirit of Christian charity.
Hope to see you in April. Pray for the work of MCC. Prepare yourself to give from your abundance.
Jim Robb, Chair, KMRS Board