Fall 2018 Letter from KMRS Board Chair

As I reflect on April and May of 2018, I am awed by what we were able, with God’s help  and your help, to donate  to MCC.  The Kansas Mennonite Relief Sale was able to provide a donation of $675,000 to the Mennonite Central Committee.  As I examine the MCC website, I can get a glimpse of the way MCC has used the collected money to help around the world.  The money raised at the Kansas Mennonite Relief Sale, as well as by other donations given to them, goes to provide relief, development, and peace education around the world.  Relief is meeting the immediate needs of people around the world.  “Relief” is necessary because of conflict and war, weather related crises, and the host of problems and difficulties that make survival questionable.” Development” is strengthening people’s access to food, water, health care and education. “Peace” is providing conflict resolution skills and working for justice and cooperation.  These three areas are needed around the world.  It is essential that we continue to support MCC.  But to do this we need to provide more than money.  We need to spend time in prayer for the many individuals who represent MCC, and work to support and build the Kingdom of God.   We as churches and individuals need to encourage people, young and old to volunteer to help spread the Good Word of Jesus by doing the good work of Jesus.

As we think about April 12 and 13 of 2019 help us to remember the good fruits of our labor.  An old Alsatian proverb says that to work is to pray.  As we begin to think about the 51st Annual Kansas Relief Sale may our work, our preparation, our devotion be a prayer to God that we might all become true servants of Jesus, providing help, healing, care and hope to those who are in need.

May we prayerfully remember the 51st Annual Kansas Relief Sale as we prepare the food, the crafts, the quilts, the cars, and the many items prepared for sale.  May our generosity and love continue for another 50 years.

Looking forward to seeing many of you in the coming months.

Blessings to all and may your living be done with love and care.


Jim Robb, Chair of the KMRS Board