Letter to Volunteers – November 2023


As the month of October comes to an end, the KMRS Board, along with many of you, are preparing for the November KMRS meeting to kick off preparation for the 2024 Kansas Mennonite Relief Sale. This year’s theme is, “Sowing seeds of hope, seeds of Love”.

 Looking around the world, with wars prevalent, natural disasters increasingly devastating, and the need for relief and development increasing rapidly,  it is important to us to commit to doing all we can to provide aid and help.

Mennonite Central Committee is currently involved in 45 countries with over 1,000 MCC workers around the world.  Last fiscal year Mennonite Central Committee was able to provide $73.4 million to programs around the world. The needs are even greater now.

Relief Sales play a large role in this effort to help fund the work of the Mennonite Central Committee.  We provide an opportunity to build community that is dedicated to carrying out the commands of Jesus to love all, and to provide care to those who need care…whether that is food, water, medical assistance, development or education. By coming together in Hutchinson in April of each year we are completing our commitment to share with others from our own bounty.  When we are able to send over $500,000 to the Mennonite Central Committee, we are sharing what is necessary to provide hope for people who long for a better way of life. The Kansas Mennonite Relief Sale is a way for many people to contribute to this cause.  When many hearts are joined in prayer, we provide assistance.  When many people contribute to the auctions, the booths, the food, and the My Coins Count programs, we are giving to a cause that is bigger than any one of us…but by joining together we can make a difference.  We hope to make the world a better place and have our faith be actions of good will and love.

Over the next few months there will be many opportunities to share financially, to share by donating, to help the makers of verenike and sausage, by providing pies, zwieback, cinnamon rolls, and other things.  Over the next few months, you will have the opportunity to volunteer, to save some money to spend in April, and  to teach your children and grand-children about the benefits of giving “in the name of Christ”.

Please mark your calendar making a commitment to the KMRS. The dates are April 12 and 13 of 2024. But the work starts soon. Please remember to pass on the realization that when you buy New Year’s Cookies, or burritos, or ice cream or quilts or tractors or donate quilts, tractors or time… you are investing in hope and providing the love Jesus to people around the world as MCC reaches out around to help people in those 45 countries.

You can be a part by volunteering…please consider helping KMRS to send hope and love around the world.

Blessings to all of you…”in the name of Christ”

Jim Robb, Chair, KMRS Board of Directors