Mark Your Calendars… Letter from Chairman

Dear Friends,

 We are in the month of February and a quick tally tells me that April 8 and 9 are not that far away.  In less than 3 months we will be gathering together in Hutchinson at the Fairgrounds, to create the Sale Village that will be a bevy of activity and faith for a few days as we set up, hold the sale, clean up and celebrate the success of our 2022 Sale.

As I write this letter many of us are still plagued by the surge of Omicron, the variant of Covid, that is moving across the nation and around the world.  Indications are that it will subside about as quick as it has gone up and we should be able to hold the sale in April.  With that guidance we continue to encourage you to plan, create, work to get volunteers, ask yourself where you might be able to help, and make sure that you take advantage of this upcoming opportunity to “serve the Lord with gladness”. As we prepare and plan for our parts in the sale, please think of the message of our theme…”May the God of Hope, fill you with Joy”.  This year, like the last few will present us with some challenges.  We must rely on God’s love and the opportunity to share of ourselves to promote hope around the world.

So please, make sure April 8 and 9 are marked on your calendar.  Pray about how you might be able to be involved. Pray for the sale, for MCC, for the MCC workers around the world, for the KMRS Board, and for all the people who come together as volunteers or sale contributors.

Thanks to all of you who are using your gifts and talents…making quilts, doing wood working, making pies and bread, and the host of many other skills and abilities necessary to carry out our task of helping to fund the work of the Mennonite Central Committee as they provide Relief, Development, and promote Peace.

It is with joy that we set aside time to work on projects preparing for the sale.  It is with joy that we anticipate the seeing of old friends and the making of new ones.  It is with joy that we reach out to others and invite them to be a part of this Kansas Mennonite Relief Sale.

It is with hope that we come together to raise money for the programs that MCC carries out.  It is with hope that we prepare to help those people that we will never meet except through the love of Jesus who asks us to be His representatives around the world, and especially in the communities in which we live and serve.

It is with hope and joy that we anticipate April 8 and 9 and the opportunities it brings to bring hope and joy to those around the world who need the extended hands of Jesus to provide food, care, medical assistance, education development, and the opportunity to help themselves.

We hope to see you in April.  Check out the KMRS and website, Facebook page, and other social media a and make plans to attend.

May the Peace of God be with you…

Jim Robb

Chair, KMRS Board