Mary Lou Goertzen Block Spal China

Seven 5 piece place settings, each in a different pattern and a Christmas Dessert Set including 10 dessert plates, a creamer pitcher, sugar bowl and mug in the Poinsettia pattern. 

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For years, Mary Lou Goertzen greeted the arrival of spring in the wooded landscape around her home with an artist’s pen and sketchpad in hand. She began with the lone crocus pushing a purple bud through the wet soil at a corner of the former schoolhouse where she lives. Next came the trillium behind her home, nestled in the quiet forest up Deadwood Creek Road about 60 miles west of Eugene. After the trillium came the blue hydrangeas and on to the rose hips of fall. Then she turned her gaze on the woodpile, the bed, the blue washpan in the kitchen. “I drew everything, “ she says. “I was drawing my life.”

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