May 2019 Letter from Chairman, Jim Robb

Gratitude! Thankfulness! Appreciation. These words come to mind when I think back on the 2019 Kansas Mennonite Relief Sale. It was the fifty-first sale, a year removed from our 50th Celebration and there were wonderings about what the sale would bring.
The sale was a success. Good crowds, good bidding and lots of conversation and fun. What MCC expects of us, is to spend our time in community serving the Lord for the benefit of the marvelous work done by the Mennonite Central Committee. That work of education, health and hygiene improvement, water development takes place all around the world. The goal of MCC is to provide Relief, help with Development, and work towards Peace. The goal of the Kansas Mennonite Relief Sale is to be servants of Jesus by creating the opportunity to raise money for the needs of so many people around the world.
This year was no exception and we wish to THANK YOU for your participation in the sale. This includes the 1,000 or more volunteers that worked before, during and after the sale setting up, working on crafts, preparing quilts, or ordering the ingredients for the wonderful food that we enjoy. This thank you is extended to those who shared of their abundance and purchased food, bid and bought at one of our five auctions, bought t-shirts or caps, or items from Quilters Corner or Kansas Crafts.
As happens every year, the Kansas Mennonite Relief Sale is a great gathering of people from across the area, the state, and various places in the US and Canada. It is one of the things that is truly meaningful, this coming together of people for the purpose of supporting MCC . To make a commitment to support the purpose of MCC is truly an act of worship. To smile and laugh, to engage in conversation, to work and to serve and to get to know each other a little better creates the atmosphere that allows for a feeling of good will to permeate the sale.
Thank you…all of you good and faithful servants…Next year MCC is 100 years old. Make plans now to attend the Kansas Mennonite Relief Sale , April 17 and 18 of 2020, and help us celebrate 100 years of the Mennonite Central Committee.