Letter from Chair Jim Robb – May the God of hope fill you with joy…


As 2021 comes to a close the Kansas Mennonite Relief Sale family is in preparation for the 2022 Sale. It seems we just completed the 2021 sale, and in fact it was just a few months ago that we were engaged in our Annual Meeting. 

Now we start to plan and prepare for April 8 and 9 of 2022, the second weekend in April, our usual time for meeting.  We feel the need to jump start the process because of some things beyond our control.  Primarily the supply chain, that is hampering the distribution of goods to stores, restaurants, and others, will have an impact since most of the goods we use are transported by truck.  Because of that this, the Purchasing Committee is asking that committees provide us with their purchase orders much earlier than usual so we can get our orders placed in enough time to insure, as much as possible, a timely delivery.

Like wise we are evaluating which booths will be open.  Last year as you recall, some things were not made and sold because of the heat and the uncertainty of the crowd.  We will be mostly back to full strength but there will be some absences and changes.  We also will not be back to the pre-pandemic Feeding the Multitude, but are counting on having most things available. In other words, we will have to be flexible as we plan and carry out this important event.

The theme for this years sale is based on Romans 15:13…” May the God of hope fill you with joy”.  This is a great reminder that we should be filled, indeed overflowed, with hope/joy based on our relationship with a loving God.  Our hope is that we can approach this coming Sale with this in mind.   We have much for which to be joyful as we approach the coming sale.  As we strive to do God’s work let us remember the hope that comes when we reach out in love and care.

As we approach Thanksgiving and Christmas, let us be joyful and encouraging as we meet with family and friends.  As we worship in this time of thanks, let us be reverent and prayerful, remembering those for whom we work.  Those people in countries around the word who need the help of MCC. Please remember in prayer and thanksgiving the work of relief, development, and peace taking place because of the Prince of Peace.

Blessings and Good Tidings to You and Your Friends…and…Thank you for your contributions and commitments to the Kansas Mennonite Relief Sale and the Mennonite Central Committee.


Jim Robb, Chair, KMRS Board