Mennonite Immigrant Trunk

Mennonite Immigrant Trunk used in the Migration of Mennonites from Canada to Old Mexico in 1920 and 1922.  Excellent Condition with Hand Cut Dovetail Joints.  Complete with Base and has Original Key.  Lock works.  This trunk has the typical 5 Brass Buttons on the top as well as 2 Brass Handles on the two sides.  .  This trunk has 2 nice Chromolithographs on the under side of the lid which was typical.  Most of these have been lost due to the paper getting brittle and getting thrown away as they became tattered.  These two are nice and colorful and have the typical Mennonite Roses as a predominant feature.    49 inches wide by 26 inches deep by 26 inches high with base.  This is a smaller  size than most.  This is an opportunity to buy a significant piece of Mennonite History that is in Excellent condition for its age.