Message from KMRS Board Chair

PRAISE GOD FROM WHOM ALL BLESSINGS FLOW…those lyrics echo through my mind as the 50th Anniversary program highlighted by the singing of the Kansas Mennonite Men’s Chorus came to a close.  A packed crowd was there for the program, but there was a packed crowd everywhere.  Our Friday sale community was large and generous.  Predictions of cold weather did not keep people away on Saturday and with cold winds and snowflakes in the air, the people came with warm hearts and a spirit of giving.  The two days (24 hours) of celebrating was a fitting tribute for an annual sale that is now 50 years old.

The significance of this event should not be lost on us, for it is people who  trusted God and served God who have made this annual sale a success.  It was true as the first visionaries developed the idea of a “relief sale” to serve God and it is true for the people who spent a good portion of the year preparing for this 50th sale, we prepared to serve God.  It is not our sale…it is God’s work and we are His servants.  The sale is giving, it is loving, it is service to God and to our fellow man. In a world that too often thinks selfishly we recognize this event to be about selflessness and charity and hope.  Our theme for the sale we just completed was “Praising God Through Service” and prayerfully and with hope that service was evident as we became community.

For those of you who came out and spent time with us eating, bidding, buying, talking together, enjoying the program we thank you.  For those of you who gave your time to work in a booth, helping to sell food, quilts, crafts, doll houses, tractors we thank you. To those who traveled and came and enjoyed yourself, met old friends, had meaningful conversations, and invested in the work of world wide relief we thank you. To the members of the Board, our Publicity Director, our Web Master, and our Sale Manager I, as Chair of the Board, thank you. To those who work for MCC, as volunteers; who work in the Central States Office; who work with Ten Thousand Villages we thank you.

At the time of this writing, we have a 2018 KMRS total of $584,520.12.  Imagine what MCC can do with that amount of money. It is believed to be a record total…from a cold, windy weekend from people with warm hears “praising God by serving Him”.  Thank You so very much.

May God remind us to be humble, may we give God the glory…Great Things He Has Done.

Jim Robb

Chair, KMRS Board