Message of Thanks

With the 2017 sale in the books, I would like to take this opportunity to thank- you all for your contributions.  It is said that it takes a village and I am continuously impressed with the number of people who volunteer time, energy and commitment to the success of the sale.  It could not be done without all of you.  

This is also a time to thank all of you who came to the sale, ate the delicious food prepared for you at various booths and venues, bid on and bought quilts and items in the general auction, and enjoyed the comradery of the sale community on Friday and Saturday. It was a good sale in money raised, in community enjoyed, in the smiles on people’s faces, in the size of the crowds, and the tempo of conversations as I toured the fair grounds on Friday and Saturday.

The results in terms of dollars cause me to rejoice, for we know the benefit each of those dollars will bring to people around the world.  Next month we will join together at our annual meeting to “celebrate” the success of the 2017 sale.  We will have the reports of the committees that work hard to make the sale a success.  We will take the opportunity to learn, listen and make some changes.

It is not too early to start to think about next year’s sale.  It will be our 50th annual sale to support the good work of the Mennonite Central Committee.  It is important to keep the sale in your prayers, for it is indeed the desire of all to do God’s work.  We should continue to pray for the Mennonite Central Committee and the people that are serving under their auspices around the world. 

THANK YOU ALL…for a great 2017 sale.  May the Lord be praised.

Jim Robb, Chair, KMRS Board