Volunteer Now! and Minutes from Nov. 2021

Please read through these minutes from the November meeting and see if there’s a way you and your family can be involved in the 2022 Sale!

November 11, 2021

Welcome: John Klaassen provided a devotion from I Corinthians 12 focusing on working together to help others followed with prayer.

2022 Sale Theme will be from Romans 15:13: “May the God of Hope Fill you with Joy”.

Treasurer’s Report: Jo Kasitz

• Numbers since last report:

• Income – $8,263.57

• Expenses – $5,684.40

• Balance – $60,197.18

• Send all donations and invoices to:

Jo Kasitz, Treasurer

1715 Casey

Newton 67114

Welcome to the KMRS Family: Welcome back all returning and faithful workers and liaisons. New attendees were introduced. James and Debbie Nightengale, Feeding the Multitude Committee; Dick and Karen Aldis, Pleasant Valley liaisons.

2021 Sale Review:

• Many adjustments were made for the July, 2021 Sale but we had a success Sale. Thankful for the crowds, weather, bidding and activity. Gave MCC $500,000.

Looking forward to 2022 Sale:

• Met with State Fair Board and we are planning for an April 8 – 9, 2022 Sale!

• Planning on most food booths to be returning.

Presentation of Budget:

• Purchasing Committee presented the 2022 budget.

• Bring your bids to the January Meeting to help meet the budget so all proceeds from the Sale may be given to MCC.

• Budget similar to past years. $81,950

• Copy of budget attached to minutes

Critical Volunteer Positions:

• Building/Food Superintendent in Domestic Arts. Main responsibilities are setting up the building and working with the food booth chairs; keep building clean, including bathrooms, during Sale; tear down after Sale. Thanks to Thurman for his many years dedicated to this job.

• New Year Cookies Chair. After twenty plus years, Cedric and Becky Blough have resigned from this position. We are actively looking for several people to take this job on. Thanks to the Bloughs for their years of leadership of providing New Year Cookies for year.

Purchase Committee Report:

• Purchase Orders have been sent out to Committee Chairs.

• Revise as needed

• PLEASE return as soon as possible. December 15 is deadline but would like sooner

• CISCO needs our order by first of January so it will be received timely

Open Mic and Committee Reports:

• Silent Auction, Matt Schmidt. Let the Committee know if you have items to donate either to Silent or General Auctions. This helps with advertising.

• Restorations of vehicles, tractors, etc, Jerry Toews. If you or someone you know has a vehicle to donate to MCC Sale, contact Jerry. Instead of trading in a car, maybe donate it.

• Run for Relief, Amy Schmidt. This will be the 25th anniversary of the run. It started out running around the fairgrounds and has since been moved to Rice Park. Adding the idea of participants obtaining sponsors has increased the amount raised.

• Bill Ediger, current liaison, encourages others. Liaisons, start making announcements Sunday mornings to get the April 8 – 9 dates out there. We need lots of volunteers. We have critical positions to fill. Verbal announcements go further than just bulletin announcements. Start tapping shoulders. Get active now and plant the seeds.

Future Meetings:

• January 13 – Whitestone Mennonite, Hesston – Next Meeting

• February 10 – mini auction – need Host

• March 10 – need Host

• March 24 – need Host


• Everything we do is a donation: our time; prayers; needlework and craftmanship; volunteering; donating items; buying at Sale; etc.

• Jim shared some numbers from MCC Annual Report. Read more info/details at www.mcc.org

• 968 MCC workers around the world

• 161,046 people received emergency food assistance

• 18,638 people gained improved water source

• 15,441 people honed skills in peacebuilding

• 121,613 people benefited from health information sessions

• 21,792 relief kits helped families facing conflict or disaster

• 9,660 people gained access to new/improved latrine

• 45,787 comforters were sent to 9 countries

• 550,440 pounds of canned meat provided protein and nutrients

• 55,986 children received school supplies

• $51.5 million spent on programs around the world

• $15,403,000 spent on Relief

• $26,916,000 spent on Development

• $9,167,000 spent on peace

• MCC is serving people in 47 countries; working together with 385 partners and changing lives through 508 projects.

• KMRS is a part of this! We provide Hope and allows us to be joyful to serve. Spread the word about our Sale. What can you donate – items, time, money? Who can fill our critical positions and other volunteer spots? How can we grow as an organization and continue to provide hope and joy?

• Closed with prayer.

Respectfully Submitted,

Barb BJ Reeves

KMRS Secretary