…Much More Than Spare Change

YOUR Coins Do Count!

Dear KMRS Friends, An Invitation to Participate

One of the favorite activities over the years, for children and adults has been the program of encouraging the importance of small gifts.  It has morphed and changed its name over the years, but the goal remains the same, to make giving fun, to celebrate that all of us, young and old have something to give, that the size of the gift does not reflect the importance of the gift, and that it is a way to be creative in getting your church and church families to participate at a very basic level…rejoicing in joy at the opportunity to give our resources to benefit others.

It is a positive event.  It is multi-generational. It generates income.  It promotes the sale. And it creates some excitement and buzz.  It allows children to be a part of the sale and to realize that it is showing God’s love when we give to others out of the generosity of our hearts.

The theme for this year is “water and food”.  There are some specific projects you can raise money to support.  These can be found on the MCC Website using the following link that will take you to pages offering support, guidance, help, songs, and stories. https://mcc.org/get-involved/my-coins-count

Some congregations have a My Coins Count program that goes year around with special offerings and collections points and times throughout the year.  Other churches start to collect coins in the time period before the sale.  The time is close already for us. In less than 3 months we will be gathering at the Fairgrounds in Hutchinson celebrating another opportunity to help the Mennonite Central Committee raise funds for Relief, Development and Peace.

If you do not have someone in your church to help organize the My Coins Count endeavor, we hope that our church contact people will find someone to help lead this.  There are lots of options as to who this might be.  The key is being willing to ask someone to help.

I know that some churches have been holding church virtually because of the current pandemic surge.  This requires more of us as we work to get the word out, to offer opportunities for coins to be collected, to ask that families participate, to find some people in your congregation that would be capable of matching the amount raised by the children and the people who have donated the quarters, nickels, dimes, pennies, checks, and cash.

As the Chair of the Kansas Mennonite Relief Sale, I invite you and the people of your congregation to participate.  Find the webpage and utilize the activity pages and calendars as ways to educate and motivate young an old.  If you have questions, please call (620-747-0186) or email (jimandbeatyrobb@gmail.com).  Blessings to you as you help us prepare for the sale.

Jim Robb