Borscht Buggy!


Update April 6, 2019

 Nearly Finished with the New Borscht Buggy!! 
borscht buggy nearly finished - Borscht Buggy!

Update Mar. 11, 2019

Richard Schmidt (Friday Borscht committee chair) and Jerry Toews finish installing white sheet metal on the walls of the NEW Borscht Buggy yesterday.  NEXT will be covering the floors; followed by running electrical wiring and gas plumbing; followed by installing the 50 and 60 gallon Rendering Kettles where the cook the Borscht.  Final step will be installing a work table for preparation of ingredients for the Delicious Borscht!!!  ALL the Sheet Metal was Donated to the Borscht Buggy by Bradbury Industries, Moundridge who also joined our list of Business Partners this year for the First Time.  CONGRATULATIONS BRADBURY CO!!!

Feb. 2019

Have you ever wondered where all that borscht is made for the sale each year? KMRS board members John Claassen, Whitewater and Jerry Toews, Goessel recently went to Guthrie, OK  to pick up a special order enclosed trailer that will be used for the New Borscht Buggy. John volunteered his truck and fuel to make the easy journey down I-35 South to Guthrie and Jerry furnished a stop at Braums and moral support.   

The new trailer will be used to replace the old orange and white one that was built many years ago that has served us well, but is very high off the ground. It will be a big improvement when completed and modified with the two rendering kettles and table space for preparing the ingredients. The trailer is equipped with two swinging back doors and one walk in door on the side as well as one roof vent in the  6′ 6″ high ceiling.  

Jerry has met with Mike Unruh from Bradbury Company to procure white sheet steel to wrap the inside walls of the new trailer for easy cleaning when borscht cooking is completed each year. Roger Harms, our Saturday Borscht Committee chair has rounded up substantial donations for this trailer. The Friday Borscht Committee (Merrill and Andrea Unruh, Goessel and Richard Schmidt, North Newton) will help make decisions on how to best set up the new trailer and then modifications will begin. According to Richard, he was just a young boy when his father and others from Goessel built the old Borscht Buggy.
If you’d like to see the Borscht Buggy in action during the Sale, follow the good smells around the corner of Cottonwood Court and check it out!