Old Hit & Miss Gas Engine from Historic Elyria, KS Elevator

This is the ORIGINAL old Hit & Miss Gas Engine from the Old Elyria, KS Elevator which was used to auger the grain that was brought into the Elevator up and into various bins in the elevator.
This engine is in INCREDIBLE ORIGINAL Condition with probably 95% ORIGINAL Green Paint on most all parts.  It is COMPLETE and ORIGINAL.  It retains its ORIGINAL Horseshoe Magneto with good Hot Spark for Easy Starting and Good Running.  Engine has VERY GOOD Compression and is in Excellent Mechanical Condition.
Engine was built by the reliable old Fairbanks Morse Co and is rated at 7 1/2 HP at 550 rpm.  The engine has the popular with collectors Open Crankshaft which allows you to see the connecting rod and piston in the open with Brass Drip Oiler on top of the cylinder lubricating the piston and wrist pin.
Folks this engine has EVERYTHING the collector is looking for and is in AMAZING ORIGINAL Condition with Incredible Original Paint.  This is an opportunity that RARELY comes along.   “The last time we had one of these Old Open Crank Engines offered at the KS MCC Sale was probably about 40 years ago and Ed Reimer was Auctioneer and we were selling things off a Hay Rack outdoors at the Fairgrounds.  I was MUCH younger”
– Jerry Toews