P.R. Lorentz Custom Built Grandfather Clock

This is a High Grade Custom Built Grandfather Clock Hand crafted by the famous P. R. Lorentz who was a well known cabinet maker and craftsman who lived on Dutch Avenue between Buhler and Hesston.  P. R built many Grandfather Clocks during the 70’s and 80’s; many of which were donated to the Kansas MCC Sale.  This particular clock was probably his last and finest clock.  He built it in 1982 and it was sold at the 1983 KS MCC Sale.

The history that comes with this clock is that P. R. cut a native Walnut Tree along the creek and had it cut into lumber, had it kiln dried and then used that lumber to build this clock.  We suspect that it was probably cut along the Turkey Creek; however we do not have documentation to prove this.
At the time this was the finest high grade movement that you could purchase from Craft Products which was a 3 weight movement with Full Westminster Tubular Chimes.  The Solid Brass Tubular Chimes give a magnificent sounding strike on the quarter hour, half hour, three-quarter hour and on the hour.  The solid brass movement is driven by 3 brass weights which are wound once a week and called an 8 day movement.
The movement is adorned by a beautiful 11 bar Full Lyre Pendulum with a 12 inch Solid Brass Bob which swings gently on the suspension spring.  The Solid Brass and Nickel Plate Face is equipped with Moon Dial at the top  which shows the phase of the moon in addition to telling the time.  The face has raised brass numerals as well as incised minute graduations.
In addition to the finest movement, face and pendulum is the hand crafted Solid Walnut Case made from Native Kansas Walnut.  The top of the headhouse is nicely ornamented with birds eye maple overlay to give an elegant look.
Here is a chance to buy a Very High Grade Hand Crafted Grandfather Clock built by the Master Cabinet Builder, P. R. Lorentz.
This magnificent clock was donated by Peggy and Orwin Miller who purchased the clock at the 1983 KS MCC Sale when it just came out of the shop of P. R. Lorentz. We feel very fortunate to get this lovely Grandfather to present at our 2019 KS MCC Sale.