Packing MCC Hygiene Kits

Friday evening (April 14, 2023) from 6 PM-8PM…Kate Mast will be in the Pride of Kansas Building directing the packing of Hygiene Kits. One of the greatest needs is the availability of hygiene kits because of the number of refugees, displaced people, victims of wars, natural disasters etc. is a way to take care of their personal and family hygiene.

From the MCC Website: “Keeping clean is an important part of remaining healthy, but families who have fled their homes because of disaster or war often struggle to afford these necessary supplies. Hygiene kits also are given through schools or orphanages to encourage healthy habits for children.”  Hygiene Kits are very basic.

Again from the MCC Website:
Contents (NEW items only) 
 1 adult-size toothbrush (in manufacturer’s packaging)
 1 large bar bath soap (leave in wrapper)
 1 nail clipper (good quality)
 1 hand towel (medium weight, dark or bright colors; approx. 16 in x 26 in)
 1 wide-toothed comb (6–8 in)
Thank you for limiting your generosity to the items listed. Due to strict regulations
some countries have on the expiration date of toothpaste, MCC no longer asks for
toothpaste to be donated with the kits. Instead, we will provide toothpaste with the
kits when they ship from our warehouse.

If you wish to donate items or kits, take the contents to the Sale and take them to
the Pride of Kansas Building or give them to your church liaison and ask them to
take the hygiene kit contents to the General Meeting on March 30 or to the sale on
April 14 and 15.

Thank You….