‘Playful Dolphins’ Hedge Wood Sculpture

Playful Dolphins – This carving, crafted by retired Cabinetmaker and Artisan Rod Abrahams, is formed from a piece of Osage Orange found by the artist that had been struck by lightning in a Kansas field.  Osage Orange (Hedgewood) is one of the densest and hardest woods grown.  Rod enhanced the scrap of wood by carefully brush sanding it, carving the playful dolphins at the top, and finishing it with stain and lacquer.  These dolphins are reminiscent of those Rod saw in his youth from the waters of the Gulf of Mexico on family holidays.  This piece blends the strength of Osage Orange struck by lightning in the plains of Kansas with the Playful Dolphins of the waters of the Gulf of Mexico.  This beautiful piece will be sold to the highest bidder during the silent auction.