Join Us for the 2022 Sale!


The 2022 Kansas Mennonite Relief Sale is almost upon us.   We have planned and prepared for this event as we return to our normal calendar time.  We hope to have good weather, a good crowd, and many good donations. Whenever we get together on the fairgrounds for the Kansas Mennonite Relief Sale it is a time of hope, a time of joy, a time of worship, and a time of gratitude.

The KMRS Board offers you our thanks for your commitment to our sale.  Many of you have been with us before, and have contributed much to the work of the Mennonite Central Committee. For a few of you, who may be coming for the first time we welcome you with open arms.

On behalf of the Board, I issue to all an invitation to attend the 2022 Kansas Mennonite Relief Sale.  This invitation is an opportunity to come and meet old friends or make new friends.  It is an invitation to eat ethnic food.  It is an invitation to bid at an auction and to take home a quilt, a pen, a painting, an antique chair, or a newly made Adirondack chair.  It is an invitation to come and be a part of our community.

Each year, an amazing thing happens.  We come together; we take some time to set up.  We greet each other as we volunteer or as we prepare to participate.  We recognize that this is a place where we can exercise our faith, and make a donation to help those in need in the 50 or more countries where MCC works to provide water, food, and health care, recognizing that MCC helps individuals and groups to develop their own resources and abilities with the help of MCC Partners.

This year as we come together, we will be remembering the situation and the destruction present in the Ukraine.  We are offering you an invitation to visit the MCC booth and write a prayer, that can be sent to the MCC Partners in the Ukraine. We are also planning to have a prayer room, allowing you to pray in quiet for those in need, not only in Ukraine, but in other countries around the world.

We pray to the God of Hope for peace; we pray to the God of Hope for individuals to be called to serve with MCC. We pray to the God of Hope that others may find that hope allowing them to find the God of Joy.

Come and enjoy the time.  It will be a time of celebration, a time of commitment, a time of generosity, and a time of good will.

Get your tastebuds ready and come prepared to support the work of MCC by participating in the activities at our sale.  Check out the website and the Facebook page.  Take a look at the quilts, and the furniture, and the tractors and cars. Enjoy the ice cream and pie. Take home some bread. Enjoy some chicken.

We welcome you “in the name of Christ” to the Kansas Mennonite Relief Sale, Apr. 8 and 9 in Hutchinson at the State Fairgrounds.  We hope to see you there.

Blessings to you,

Jim Robb, Chair, KMRS Board of Directors