Praising God Through Service This Special Year!

“Praising God through Service” is the theme for our 2018 Kansas Mennonite Relief Sale.   It is a special year for this is our 50th annual sale.  What started in Hillsboro back in 1968 has moved a couple of times to Newton and then to what has became our home, the State Fairgrounds in Hutchinson.  The sale has grown and prospered as people have reacted to the words of Jesus.  Those directives, to care for those less fortunate, to feed the hungry, to clothe the naked, and to give water to the thirsty and to be Jesus arms and legs raising funds for the world wide work of the Mennonite Central Committee.

We anticipate a special time, a time of sharing of our time and our talents.  We anticipate a time of community as we join hands to serve God by serving one another, by creating beautiful quilts to auction, raising money for relief in the process.  Those of you who come to bid, to eat, to buy, contribute to the community of “praise” as we collectively serve God.

We anticipate a special time of worship.  At the first Relief Sale, the Kansas Mennonite Men’s Chorus came together for the first time to provide the music for the worshipful experience that was the sale, Praising God through voice.  We have invited them to sing again for us, as they did at the first sale, at several of the early sales, and most recently at the 40th Anniversary.  A special program featuring the KMMC will take place on Friday at 7:00 PM.  We will also auction a few items and have a few words to describe what has made the Kansas Mennonite Relief Sale so successful.

On behalf of the Board, I extend thanks to the many who donate, who create, who bake, and who help in so many ways.  It takes over a thousand volunteers, acting in the name of Jesus, to carry out the mandate of raising funds for MCC.  Thanks to each and everyone.

On behalf of the Board, I thank you, the people, who come and bid and buy, and provide us with the resources that allow us to contribute to the work of MCC.  We enjoy your participation.

Please put April 13 and 14 on your calendars.  Our booths open at 4:00 PM on Friday and at 8:00 AM on Saturday.  It will be a time of community, a time of sharing, a time of renewal and a time to “Praise God through Service.”

Looking forward to seeing you there…

Jim Robb, Chair, Kansas Mennonite Relief Sale