RAWTools Tractor and Tilling Disc to be auctioned July 3

This toy tractor will be auctioned on Saturday, July 3 on the Quilt Auction Stage, at 1:00 PM in conjunction with the MCC Centennial Pitcher and Replica Fordson Tractor to remember and celebrate 101 years of MCC

Made by Fred Martin, founding Blacksmith for RAWTools. RAW Tools turns guns into practical Garden Tools and Toys. Their mission is to turn Violence into Peace, fear into trust.  

Main Body- 12 Gauge shotgun (readable lettering on top)
Steering wheel- 12 gauge shotgun and revolver shell extractor
Seat – Trigger
Tires- Revolver cylinder
Axels- Bolts from stock/receiver mounting
Power take off wheel- 22-250 barrel
Front Suspension- gun strap mount
Tilling Disc:
Frame from revolver handles
Disc from shotgun plug
Rake and hoe made from clip, handles made from shotgun plug
Barrels/Grain bucket made from holder on musket
Barn made from Cedar