Rustic Osage Orange Table

Truly a one of a kind table

Some of God’s best builders are the seed, the sun, rain, wind, and fire.  All of these forces came together to create this unique coffee table base. Over the course of several decades, water, sun, wind, snow, and rain poured, warmed, blew, froze and formed the interesting contours on this base.  Once they finished their work, fire, perhaps from a prairie fire caused by lightning burned and smoldered portions of this base.  Finally, a minute measure of human handwork was performed with a plane to create this beautiful Osage Orange coffee table.

Maclura pomifera, commonly known as the Osage orange, hedge, or hedge apple tree is a small deciduous tree or large shrub, typically growing to 8 to 15 meters tall. The distinctive fruit, from a multiple fruit family, is roughly spherical, bumpy, 8 to 15 centimeters in diameter, and turns bright yellow-green in the fall.

Fossils indicate that Osage orange once grew naturally well outside its native range of Texas, Oklahoma, Louisiana, Missouri, and Arkansas. Then it retreated, perhaps ahead of advancing glaciers. Thousands of years later, because it was cultivated and planted by settlers as inexpensive fencing, it once again spread. Now, you may even find Osage orange growing in the eastern states and well into the Great Plains.

Harder and stronger than even white oak, Osage orange was once cut for railroad ties. While other woods for ties lasted but a few years, Osage orange served for two or more decades! Many a Midwestern farm still has fence posts of the wood in place after a century.  Highly decay-resistant, it was even laid as paving blocks. Today, however, the wood is scarce as lumber.

A unique and interesting piece that will be a conversation starter in your home for many years to come.

Handcrafted by C Howard’s boys . . . and their girls and boys and their girl’s beaux, in the Unruh Boys’ Adirondack Chair Factory north of Walton, KS during the Christmas season with classical music playing softly in the background. Built in a pleasing and relaxing shop environment where a tradition of QUALITY craftsmanship is nurtured and handed down from generation to generation. An environment where young Unruh children are taught to follow in their parents’ footsteps with utmost attention to precise detail.