Solid Walnut Grandfather Clock

This SOLID WALNUT Grandfather Clock is a Very High Quality and Stately Clock measuring 82 inches tall and is Hand Crafted from Beautiful Pieces of Solid Walnut. This clock was carefully built by Richard D Harms in 1981.

The Highest Quality Brass Movement built by the Emperor Clock Company was used and is adorned with the 7 Wire Lyre Pendulum with Brass and Nickel Rods and with a 7 inch Brass Bob.

It has a 3 Weight movement meant to be wound once a week. The Complex Chime mechanism is capable of playing 3 different strike tunes: Westminster Chimes, St Michael’s Chimes; and Whittington Chimes and Silent Mode with the move of a lever on the face of the clock.

IF you like Quality; here is your chance to bid on a NICE one. Donated by the Lowell and Bonnie Heinrich’s Estate.