Storage bench and mirror

Emmy Midkiff, North Newton, a member of Bethel College Mennonite Church, donated this deacon’s bench and accompanying mirror. In 1970, when buying a house in Bedford, Pa., she and husband Frank purchased them at the home seller’s garage sale. The seller had acquired them in Boston, Ma.

Both pieces are in excellent condition. The bench seat lifts up for storage. (The two pieces go together, but could be sold separately.)

Each has a label for Paine Furniture Co., Boston, Mass., on it. The website for Kovel’s Antiques Inc. says that the company “traces its history back to 1835, [though] the company’s name didn’t become Paine Furniture Co. until 1928. Paine used brass tags to mark its furniture until 1943, when it switched to cloth tags. It started using paper labels in 1966. So if your [piece] is marked with a paper sticker, it was made no earlier than 1966.”