Symbolic Fordson Tractor Replica to be Auctioned

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This replica of the Fordson Tractor is a symbol of the work of MCC. It is part of the heritage of MCC to help others help themselves. This replica was first sold 26 years ago at the 75th Celebration of MCC.  It sat on the desk of Tim Buhler for all of those years and provided an opportunity for him to explain the good work of MCC, to tell the story of the Fordson tractor and plow combinations that helped to overcome drought, famine and the impact of war in the Ukraine.  The Fordson Tractors, along with horses and cows were sent to the Ukraine as part of the program of relief and development.  By 1923 the harvests were successful enough, that MCC was able to take a step back.

It was the needs of people, and the promise to help all people, not just Mennonites that created the temporary organization, that is still with us today, doing the same good work of relief and development.

Mr. Buhler, indicated to me that it is time to allow someone else the privilege of telling the story, when someone asks the significance of the tractor and the MCC symbol.

This replica tractor will be auctioned on Saturday, July 3 on the Quilt Auction Stage, at 1:00 PM in conjunction with the MCC Centennial Pitcher. 

May the stories of men and women, thinking of others before themselves, continue to be told as we celebrate each year the good work of MCC… “in the name of Christ”.

-Jim Robb, KMRS Chair